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Baca, Simak dan Tersenyumlah

Mungkin lebih pantas disebut "Lorong Selingkuh"..... Where is my husband!!
The local chinese say the richmen who lived on Muntri street kept their mistresses here, hence the name"Ai Cheng Hang" or Love Lane

Jadi ingat, dulu kalau salah mengaji kena sabet rotan. Untung rotannya tebal hahaaaa...
Thick, Medium or Thin?
 Ciaaatttttt......beres dah!
The black and white Amahs were cantonese domestic servant from Guangdong who did all kind household chores and would refer to themselves withwry humour as "Yat Keok Tet" or "One Leck Kicks All"
 Nah lho, kejeblos deh!
A cannon shot fired during the 1867 Penang riots made a large hole in this area, hence the name Cannon street
Kirain Nasi Kandar itu ditemukan oleh orang yang bernama Iskandar, ternyata........
Nasi Kandar originated from Tamil muslim hawking home cooked curry dishes and rice from containers slung on both ends of a kandar (a wooden stick)
 Ah Lo bisa aja
The street is name after Kapitan Chung Khong Kwee who generously donated his house to the municipality for vehicular access ensuring that his name lives on for posterity
 Boleh pinjem high heels nya gak? #sambil megang pistol
The counter of the pawnshop typically higher for security
 Bukan lorong "Ayam Kampus" yaa heheheeee
Also known as "Chicken Alley" this lane was once used by poulterers

 Tok Tok Woww.....eh, Tok Tok Mie
Tok tok mee is so called because hawkers would strike "a tok tok" sound to signal their presence
 Hahahaaaa, kalo ada yang jual "Rock Candy" sekarang ini, pasti bakal ditimpuki ama pembeli
Seck Chuan lane was a distribution centre for market produce. Many itinerant hawkers took advantage of the crowds by paying their foods here.  One of the favourite foods sold is Ting Ting Thong or rock candy, a hardened mixture of sugar ses seeds and nut loved by kids. It has to be "chi" and "hammered" to break it into smaller bittable pieces.
Abang becak merangkap Abang pemandu wisata. Haghhhh....
 "Ah Ling, I love U"..... "Oi! You tackle my wife ah?!" Gleekkkk!!!!
Prangin river was a bustling waterways for all manner of goods that were shipped to Penang from all over the world
 "Not only the "kue pau" taste same, you also look same! hahaaaaaa dasar kakek-kakek.
Here, you'll find traditional cantonese restaurant serving dimsum

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